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Yathar Cho Industry Limited

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Yathar Cho Industry Limited
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Mr. Wai Phyo, Managing Director
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Yathar Cho Industry Ltd. started the manufacturing and distribution of Yum Yum brand instant noodles in Myanmar since 1997. The most important concept that is the cornerstone of success is the motto "Quality First – Quantity Second". The company was conceived as an import substitution business with the desire to provide fresh, affordable, high quality products for the Myanmar consumers and have stayed true to this commitment since the beginning of operations. 15 years later, the company has grown by more than ten times and has emerged as the undisputed leader in the instant noodle market with the commanding market share and highest distribution in its category. A second production facility has also been added with additional investments in other areas considered in the near horizon. Research and development has been at the core of product line management and all of the flavors and concepts are developed in house by a team of highly trained professionals.


The company started out with just one flavor, but since has been expanding to cover 3 product categories, 15 flavors and 22 SKUs. Its dedication to quality, safety and hygiene has resulted in certifications such as ISO 9001, HACCP, GMP, Halal and the company is one of the few food manufacturing facilities with a fully equipped microbiological laboratory. Future accreditations are also in the pipeline as the company strives to fulfill its vision of being a company that can compete both in the local as well as international market place. To this end, the company is also the only instant noodle company that has been able to export its products to overseas markets such as Singapore and China. Corporate social responsibility has always been high on the company’s agenda and apart from responsibility to the state and its employees, the company has also been active in natural disaster relief and aid.

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