Quarterly Business Magazine

Vol : 1 Issue : 6

Posted :

The main article highlights the potential impact of the repariates on the Myanmar labor markets and the attitudes and behaviors of those returnees (BilatPyans). The shortage of skilled labor and middle management could be addressed to a certain extent by the contributions of those returning after gaining education and experience abroad.

In a first for the Magazine, the Interview with EU ambassador Mr. Roland Kobia sheds light on the EU's stance on some of the issues in Myanmar's economy and exports. H.E. Mr. Kobia elaborates on the fine points of the synergistic relations between the EU and Myanmar.

The FAO representative to Myanmar, Ms Bui Thi Lan has written about the need for change in legislature concerning fisheries and aquaculture in Myanmar and this warrants a certain measure of consideration.

The regular contributors reflect on the Political and Economic challenges Myanmar will face in months to come with an eye on the upcoming General Elections. The Energy sector is again scrutinized with its full array of opportunities and challenges to help bring Myanmar forward.

Finally, the Myanmar Business Forum and its efforts to improve Public-Private Consultation are presented with detailed description of the 7 working groups and their shared issues.

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