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New Zealand Interested in Agricultural and Livestock Businesses in Mandalay

Posted :
Sunday, June 22, 2014

Mandalay - New Zealand is interested in investing in the agricultural and livestock sectors for export in the Mandalay region.


According to U Myint Than, Mandalay Region Minister for Agriculture and Livestock, officials from the New Zealand Embassy in Yangon and the regional government officials discussed about the options to export agricultural and livestock products to New Zealand from Mandalay International Airport. The airport has direct flights to Singapore and Bangkok.


“They want mainly agricultural exports and are also interested in the animal husbandry sector. They want to grow grass with modern technology for the livestock,” said U Myint Than.


Mandalay region produces the most amount of milk in the country so it attracts investors in the livestock sector. Moreover, the region also includes traditional cultural heritage sites such as Bagan, Ava, and the Mandalay Royal Palace, and resorts like Pyin Oo Lwin, thus attracting investors in the tourism sector as well. According to the government office, officials from the New Zealand Embassy have stated that more investors from New Zealand would come to discuss about the investment opportunities.


According to U Myint Than, this is the first time New Zealand discusses with the regional government about investing in Mandalay.

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