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American Company Surveys Mandalay Region for Power Generation Investment

Posted :
Saturday, June 28, 2014

Mandalay – An American company is visiting the Mandalay region to discuss investment in power generation.

Solargy Power System—based and producing electricity in Thailand—discussed with government officials on 26th about building a 30 megawatt solar plant near Wundwin in Meikhtila district, said U Kyaw Myint, Mandalay Region Minister for Electric Power and Industry.

“They want about 75 acres of land. We told them the regional government can provide it if they are certain to invest. Whether they will sell the generated electricity to private companies or to the government depends on the MoU with the Ministry of Electric Power, added U Kyaw Myint.

This purpose of this trip is to evaluate the feasibility of the proposed project. Since the regional government can approve small and medium power generation projects (from 10 megawatts to 30 megawatts) on its own, this 30 megawatt solar plant will be implemented soon.

Another American company, ACO Investment Group will start its solar power projects on two 1,000-acre sites near Nabuai village and the Thazi-Wundwin region within this year.

Currently, an American company is already producing 82 megawatts of electricity from natural gas near the town of Kyaukse.

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